Common questions and answers

Got a question that isn't covered here? Just get in touch to ask me any questions you may have.

01 Who is behind Reverie Music and what is your experience?

Hi there! My name is Grace Coote, and I have been playing piano for over 20 years. Starting lessons at the age of 7, I have been playing ever since, working my way up through the grades to eventually gain an ALCM diploma at age 19. My experience of public performance is quite extensive, and ranges through accompanying choirs, soloists (both vocal and instrumental) and bands to solo performances, competitions, religious services and more.

My goal as a musician has always been to imbue my music with true emotion, and there is no better outlet for that than a wedding. Your wedding day involves a great deal of planning and an even greater amount of emotion. I strive to make arranging the music for your day as smooth and enjoyable a process as possible.

02 What kind of events do you do?

I don't place any limit on the type of event I can be booked for - I am used to performing for a wide range of events and can easily adapt to yours. I believe variety is the key to getting the most out of any career, so if you have something in mind, no matter how unusual, you can be sure I will be interested!

03 How much does it cost to hire Reverie Music?

The cost of booking a musician for your wedding can vary greatly, and depends on a lot of different factors eg. length of time performing on the day, the date of the booking ie. public holidays or at short notice, travel costs, sourcing and purchasing music, personalised arrangements of music and time spent learning new music if this is likely to be significant. For this reason I will put together a bespoke quote for you based on your requirements.

These costs cover the hours spent sourcing and perfecting the music for your event, prompt communication with you throughout the planning process, one wedding rehearsal (for venues within a 20 mile radius), pre-ceremony music and digital recordings of your focal pieces from the day.

04 How soon should I book you for my event?

As a general guideline, I would advise making your booking at least 3 months prior to your event. As with any event sooner is always better! If however you have a music emergency (which I can guarantee you is definitely a thing) please do get in touch and I will do my best to accommodate you.

05 Why don't you have a repertoire on your website?

My repertoire is constantly expanding and evolving, so keeping a list of that music is a little impractical. I keep the floor open - whatever you want, if I can play it, you can have it! Of course I will always help you out by suggesting pieces for your event, or genres and styles, and we can work together and collaborate ideas to build your own personalised repertoire.

06 What happens if my venue doesn't have a piano?

I own a digital piano which is compact and can be transported. In the event your venue doesn't have a piano, or one that is in good condition, I am happy to bring my own for a small extra charge of £30. The use of a digital piano can also be beneficial for sound quality, as it can be hooked up to a venue's sound system if required. I do not provide this service specifically, but your venue can probably help you out if you request it.

07 My favourite song/piece of music isn't for piano, can you do an arrangement/cover of it?

I will certainly do my best! Arranging a specific piece for your event is an additional service and comes with additional charges proportionate to the time spent preparing the music. If the piece is beyond my abilities I will inform you at the earliest opportunity and will not charge you.